Shamrock have their roots in the west of Jutland were Denis McLaughlin and Svend Erik Larsen met at Tarm Folk Festival. They played as a five piece band, AKonto. They became renowned at Tarm Folk festival for the many who came to hear them. Later they founded the Duo Shamrock.Even though Denis Mc laughlin, from Derry . N.Ireland and Svend Erik Larsen, Kvong, Denmark, have been playing together for 20 years, they are still elated and focused when they come out on to the stage. Repertoire is of course, Irish Music and Song. Beautiful haunting ballads over to the raw, rusty pub songs to happy, foot-stomping, sing-along songs that are known by many. Shamrock  draw their inspiration for the love of the Emerald isle and its stories and songs and with their presentation of the music they play, you can be sure you will enjoy the Craic.