Jamie B Brophy Bookings


Jamie B who hails from the UK has been playing music professionally for 15 years. In this time he has travelled to numerous countries around the world, busking and playing many types of venues, from boutique hotels, to weddings, to coffee shops and larger venues such as the concorde 2 in Brighton, where many famous artists have also graced the stage. He has performed in Australia, Thailand, India, Italy, and across the UK as well as earning a coveted license to be one of the official London underground performers.

Playing a variety of covers from the 60's to the current charts, he is a versatile performer who has something for everyone. Jamie likes to keep his gigs as fun as possible. His percussive playing, mixed with his friendly attitude and 'English charm' ensures that his shows are as fun for the audience as they are for him and no one should ever feel they can't approach him for a request, however unusual! .... He's bound to get you dancing and singing along!