Claudia Campagnol (earlier known as Claudia Dancs) was born February 22th 1987 in Budapest, Hungary. She comes from a gypsy family where most of her relatives were and are musicians. She was raised and schooled in Malmö, Sweden and graduated from the Malmö Academy of Music. Soon she met and married the drummer Niclas Campagnol (half swedish, half italian) who already lived in Copenhagen, Denmark, therefore she moved to Denmark. Claudia was singing before she could talk as a baby and she started to transcribe songs at the age of 4. She knew very early what she wanted to be, even though her parents never really showed her how to sing or play. They never really encouraged her either because every time they wanted to teach her something on the piano, she pushed them away and wanted to learn everything by herself. But she learned many things through her parents... Her mother (Gigi Dancs) was a singer and a pianist in Hungary. She was playing in piano bars for many many years. Gigi played gigs every single night for 8 months of her pregnancy with Claudia inside her belly.